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Fresh peaches cups

Posted by on ago 22, 2017 in recipes

Vegan and gluten-free yogurt sauce and seasonal peaches are the hero of these delicious cups. Particularly suitable for breakfast or summer snack, their freshness and creaminess make them ideal also as a dessert. They can be matched with other seasonal fruit although I believe peaches are the perfect combination. Serves 2 Ingredients For the rice sauce 200 ml (2 fl oz) brown rice milk 80 g (3 oz) rice Pinch of sea salt For the yougurt sauce 300 g (11 oz) rice (or soy) yogurt 1 tsp organic vanilla Bourbon powder 1 tbsp dates syrup...

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Raw chocolate cake with caramelized peaches

Posted by on ago 21, 2017 in recipes

Chocolate cakes are a timeless classic at any time of the year. Just a different ingredient to make them even more special and versatile. Organic cocoa beans, raw cocoa powder, bananas as thickener in place of eggs, hazelnut and rice flour are the special ingredients of this cake, enriched with delicious caramelized peaches with date syrup. Serves 6-8 Ingredients 3 ripe bananas 100 ml (3½ oz) hazelnuts (or almond) drink 80 ml (3 fl oz) mild extra virgin olive oil 200 g ( 7 oz) brown rice flour, sifted 150 g toasted hazelnuts (or almonds)...

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Couscous with vegetables

Posted by on ago 20, 2017 in recipes

Cous cous is a typical dish of Mediterranean tradition. In Italy, the region where it is most often consumed is Sicily, in the western part of the Island. This recipe has the taste of freshly harvested summer vegetables, freshly picked and of good olive oil, which should never be missed on a healthy table. Serves 4 Ingredients 300 g couscous 80 g (3 oz) green beans 2 bell peppers 3 zucchini 2 carrots 10 cherry tomatoes 1 onion 4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil Pinch of sea salt   Method: Wash the bell peppers, remove the seeds and cut into...

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Fruit cups with raw honey and vegan cream

Posted by on ago 19, 2017 in recipes

Seasonal fruits, honey and vegan berries are the main ingredients of a year-round dessert, if consumed with seasonal fruit. In the summer, the abundance of fruit makes it possible to create varied, greedy and colorful combinations that make this delicious recipe also as a cold snack. Serves 2 Ingredients 10 grain grapes 2 peaches 2 apricots 2 kiwi 2 tbsp raw honey 2 tbsp Marsala (or Rum) 2 tbsp vegan cream, whipped   Method: Wash and cut the fruit. In a bowl, pour the fruit, lemon juice, honey, cinnamon, liqueur and leave to rest for...

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Tofu with basil and fresh oregano pesto

Posted by on ago 18, 2017 in recipes

This recipe is perfect for the summer when high temperatures do not invite you to eat a lot but the physicist also needs nourishment. The tofu properties, combined with the freshness of seasonal vegetables and the taste of pesto make this dish inviting and ideal at any time. Serves 2 Ingredients 200 g (7 oz) tofu 4 fresh tomatoes 15 basil leaves 10 valerian leaves 5 desalted capers 10 pine nuts, toasted 8 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil Pinch of sea salt Method: Boil the tofu in a saucepan with water and salt for 10 minutes. Drain and cool down...

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Cake with Seitan and Zucchini

Posted by on ago 16, 2017 in recipes

When a dish combines beauty, simplicity and taste, all with only a few ingredients, it is the best you could want from home cooking. Cake with zucchini and Seitan is a light but nourishing idea for a sustainable and delicious brunch or as a main dish for lunch in the office. Vegetables, eggs and Seitan are the best meat substitutes. Cheese, pepper and a good extra virgin olive oil give a pleasantly spicy taste. Whole-wheat flour (or other unrefined flour) and milk keep the cake soft for up to two days. Serves 8-10 Ingredients 3 large zucchini...

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Pear and chocolate cake

Posted by on ago 16, 2017 in recipes

I love chocolate cakes with pears. The lightness of the brown rice flour (gluten-free) fits perfectly with the rest of the ingredients. Rum enhances the flavor of the raw chocolate. Pears break the bitterness of the chocolate with their sweetness and make this delicious cake pleasantly moist. Ingredients Serves 8–10 2 large eggs 75 g (3 oz) raw honey 100 ml (3 ½ fl oz) plain yogurt 75 ml (3 fl oz) mild extra virgin olive oil 100 ml (3 ½ fl oz) melted dark 70% chocolate 50 g (2 oz) melted dark 80% chocolate 1 tbsp rum 200 g (7 oz) brown...

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Caserecce pasta with cannellini sauce

Posted by on ago 12, 2017 in recipes

Caserecce whole pasta, made with a precious Sicilian wheat flour, called “Biancolilla” (from Bioviola organic farmer), organic tomato sauce and delicious cannellini are the three essential ingredients of a delicious and complete dish from the nutritional point of view. Italian pasta is made with quality grains and is this essential feature that makes it unique, inimitable and healthy. Serves 2 Ingredients 1 clove garlic, chopped 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 onion, chopped 200 g (7 oz) canned cannellini beans, in a jar 300 g...

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Spicy macedonia with vegan cream

Posted by on ago 11, 2017 in recipes

A salad that matches fresh fruit with dried fruit is an idea I love when in summer I have some dry fruit in the pantry. Of course, it can be enjoyed year-round with seasonal fruit. The vegan cream makes lighter and creamy a recipe that you can vary with the fruit of your liking. The dried fruit is usually treated with sulfur dioxide and can contain palm oil, so I suggest buying the organic one. Serves 4 Ingredients 80 g (3 oz) dried apricots 80 g (3 oz) dried plums 80 g (3 oz) raw coconut sugar 100 ml (3½ oz) water 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1...

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Apricot and yogurt cake

Posted by on ago 10, 2017 in recipes

A soft cake made lightly from rice flour. I used white rice flour and not the brown rice flour, as usual. Rice yogurt is a great choice not only for those who are intolerant. It gives further sweetness to a cake sweetened with just two tablespoons of Sicilian honey. The ripe apricots are the true sweetener. Perfect for being soaked in milk or to be served with fruit ice cream. Serves 6-8 Ingredients 200 g (7 oz) ripe apricots 2 free range organic eggs 2 tbsp raw honey Pinch of sea salt 250 g (9 oz) white rice flour 1 tsp organic baking...

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