Veronica is the Italian author of  PANINI: THE SIMPLE TASTES OF ITALIAN STYLE BREAD,  THE RUSTIC ITALIAN BAKERY (both released in 2015) and THE VEGETARIAN ITALIAN KITCHEN (2016). She is published by New Holland Publishers Australia.

Veronica was a University academic before becoming a journalist and food writer. In the context of academic research, she has published essays on the Spanish-American narrative in national and international Academic Journals. As freelance journalist she wrote about book reviews and tennis. Food was the subject she thought about most so, inspired by family recipes, and valuable Italian culinary heritage, she moved into writing her experiences and studies on the subject.

Sustainability, seasonality and selection of raw materials (as much as possible local, organic and unrefined) are the basis of her food philosophy. Her literary education (PhD in Iberian and Ibero-American Languages and Literatures) is the essential ingredient for a methodological approach to food writing. Passionate about simple, natural home cooking, she loves to cook what she groves in her family garden. The study of Italian food history and its evolution is an area of interest to which she likes to devote as well as the approach to natural cuisine.

Her works have appeared in Vegetarian Living, Veggie Magazine, ‘Free From Heaven’, Lifestyle food, Australian Good Food & Travel Guide, Chickpea, Honest cooking USA and The Wolf Post, among others.

Her  fourth book, A MODERN ITALIAN TABLE: SIMPLE EVERYDAY NATURAL RECIPES, will be released in March 2017.