Red onion and Gorgonzola galette

Red onion and Gorgonzola galette

Red and onion Gorgonzola galette is a tribute to one the best ingredients of Northern Italian cuisine: Gorgonzola.

Organic whole wheat puff pastry (palm oil free), red onions, fresh cream and Italian Gorgonzola cheese are the main ingredients of this delicious recipe. Perfect for days when you do not have time or desire to cook but you need a delicious dish. Ideal to eat freshly baked, red onion and Gorgonzola galette is tasty also even after a few hours.

Red onion and Gorgonzola galette: Ingredients

Serves 4

3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

White pepper, to taste

Pinch of sea salt

100 ml (3½ oz) fresh organic cream

1 organic free range organic egg

100 g (3½ oz)  Gorgonzola, cut into cubes

1 sheet organic whole wheat puff pastry, palm oil free

Red onion and Gorgonzola galette: Method

  1. Peel the onions and cut into rounds. In a pan, cook them with olive oil. Turn off, add the salt and pepper.  
  2. In a bowl, beat the cream with the egg. Add the Gorgonzola.
  3. Roll out the puff pastry over a round baking tray (22-23 cm), covered with baking paper.
  4. Add the onions and the mixture with the Gorgonzola.
  5. Bake at 180°(350°/Gas 4) for 25 minutes.

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