Pasta with radicchio and vegan cheese

Pasta with radicchio and vegan cheese

Pasta with radicchio and vegan cheese is made with high quality ingredients, suitable for those who love the taste of natural cuisine.

This recipe is special because it is made with gluten free red lentils pasta. This pasta is suitable for its speed of cooking and the high digestibility. Rich in protein, it fits perfectly with a vegetable intensely flavored as the radicchio. Lentil pasta is  a great solution to increase the consumption of legumes, if you do not have time and desire to prepare pulses. It preserves all the properties of the flour with which it is made (in particular the protein content) and is naturally gluten-free.

The balsamic vinegar gives that unmistakable flavor to a really tasty dish.


Serves 4


Extra virgin olive oil, to taste

2 tbps balsamic vinegar

5 radicchio leaves

Pinch of sea salt

Pepper, to taste

320 g (11¾ oz) short pasta

150 g (5 oz) vegan cheese

5 walnuts



      1. Mix the olive oil with balsamic vinegar.
      2. Wash and dry the radicchio, cut into thin strips, season with salt and pepper and the emulsion of oil. Set aside.
      3. Cook the pasta, al dente, in boiling salted water. Add a portion of marinated radicchio.
      4. Serve immediately with the rest of the radicchio, cheese and nuts.

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