Chocolate tramezzini rolls

Chocolate tramezzini rolls

Chocolate tramezzini rolls  take me back to the birthday parties of my childhood.

Italian parents often prepare these chocolate tramezzini rolls for children’s parties or as an afternoon snack with a glass of milk.

You can create fun shapes with cookie cutter or wrap tramezzini around themselves (but they must be very fresh). It is an easy way to make something sweet in a very short time.

Of course, the filling can be modified according to taste: jam or salted sauces.

Serves: 10 rolls


5 slices tramezzini white crustless bread

80 g (3 oz) chocolate and hazelnut cream, palm oil free


  1. Spread each slice of tramezzini bread with the cream of cocoa and hazelnuts.
  2. Roll up the tramezzini and cut, or choose your favorite shape, using a cookie cutter.

From Panini: the simple tastes of Italian style bread

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