Vegan rustic strawberry galette

Vegan rustic strawberry galette

Vegan rustic strawberry galette is  a simple, yet delicious summer treat.

Strawberries are one of the fruits that I love the most. Unfortunately, their season is short and, as far as I am concerned, it is unthinkable to replace them with frozen ones. In my vegetable garden, strawberry cultivation is limited, so, when in season, I get my supplies from my farmer. If I can, I freeze a bit of strawberries in order to have a good quantity for the whole summer.

They are so sweet and good that I prefer to eat them alone. Of course, their versatility in the kitchen allows you to consume them in various ways, even as a salad. On this site, you will find many natural recipes made with strawberries.

This recipes is really simple but so tasty. It is made with a vegan and organic puff pastry, sprinkled with coconut sugar, and caramelized strawberries with dates syrup.

Vegan rustic strawberry galette: Ingredients

Serves 6-8

300 (11 oz) fresh strawberry

The juice of one lemon

1 tbsp dates syrup

2 tbsp raw coconut sugar

1 tsp ground raw coconut sugar

1 sheet vegan puff pastry (or palm oil free)


Vegan rustic strawberry galette: Method

  1.  Wash and cut the strawberries into rounds and sprinkle with lemon juice.
  2. In a pan, pour the dates syrup, a tablespoon of coconut sugar, strawberries and caramelize them for three minutes.
  3. Roll out the pastry on a greased baking sheet or covered with parchment paper.
  4. Sprinkle with the second tablespoon of sugar. Cover with the strawberries.
  5. Bake, in preheated oven, for 15–20 minutes at 180°C (350°F/gas 4).

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