Cherry and white chocolate dessert

Cherry and white chocolate dessert

Cherry and white chocolate dessert is a delicious, greedy, healthy summer treats, rich in freshness and nourishment.

When the cherries are in season, I love to prepare this quick and easy snack, also ideal for serving as a dessert. Great with other fresh seasonal fruits (better if organic), I think the combination with cherries, yoghurt and white chocolate sauce is simply perfect.

White chocolate can be replaced with fresh cream for an even softer texture; dessert wine can be omitted or replaced with sour cherry syrup; almonds can be replaced with pistachios or cashews.

For a perfect dessert, cherries are better not too ripe but crispy at the right point.

Cherry and white chocolate dessert: Ingredients

Serves 4

300 g (11 oz) rice (or soy) yogurt

1 tbsp Marsala or other dessert wine

1 tsp organic vanilla “Bourbon” powder

150 g (5 oz) white vanilla vegan chocolate

3 tbsp almonds flakes

A handful of cherries


Cherry and white chocolate dessert: Method

  1.  Mix the yogurt with Marsala and vanilla. Melt the white chocolate in the bain-marie. Chill and add to yogurt. Blend in order to get a smooth cream.
  2. Wash the cherries and remove the kernel.
  3. In glass cups, place the cherries and cover with the cream. Decorate with almonds flakes. Cool 30 minutes in the fridge before serving. 
Cherry and white chocolate dessert

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