Cherry vegan dessert

Cherry vegan dessert

These cherry vegan dessert are a must for me in Summer. I love summer desserts because they require very few but high quality ingredients, little time and are delicious also served as a snack. You find on my site recipes with cherries similar to this. The difference is that this dessert is entirely vegan. The result is a very delicate and fresh sweet, with the taste of cherries just picked from the tree. Of course, you can replace cherries with other fruit. The date syrup can be replaced by coconut sugar or raw cane sugar, Muscovado variety (or, for a vegetarian version, with raw honey). Vegan yogurt can also be replaced with creamy vegan cheese (diluted with plant based milk, for  more creamy texture, if desired). This recipe, if served very cold, enhances the taste of natural ingredients and, of course, is perfect also as a hearthy snack for kids. It could also be delicious to stuff small pies or for cake toppings. In both cases, the desserts should be served immediately and the filling put at the last moment, to prevent the desserts from getting too wet. If the dessert is for adults only, you can sprinkle the cream with some good liqueur or dessert wine. Conversely, if it is only for children, you can also add whole sugar free crispy cereals for an even more delicious snack.

Cherry vegan dessert: Ingredients

Serves 4

150 g (5 oz) vegan cream

3 tbsp dates syrup

200 g (7 oz) cherries

250 g (9 oz) natural vegan yogurt

1 tsp organic vanilla “Bourbon” powder

 Cherry vegan dessert: Method

  1. Whip the cream with dates syrup.
  2. Wash the cherries and remove the core. Set two cherries aside for each cup. Blend the remaining cherries with yogurt and vanilla until you get a creamy mixture. Add the vegan cream and blend for another minute.
  3. Pour the dessert in  glass cups.  Cool 30 minutes in the fridge before serving.
Cherry vegan dessert

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