Vegetable garden-what to do in August and September
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Garden: what to do in August and September

Garden: what to do in August and September?

Seasonal changes are always very demanding for those who own a garden or a vegetable garden. The summer, and the end of the same, is the hardest period, also because climate change does not facilitate in the warmer months.

August and September are months of harvesting and sowing. They are ideal months for the new challenges of the cold season that always presents so many unknowns, due to the climatic conditions.

Garden: what to do in August and September. August:

August is the perfect time to sow or transplant (which is my favorite) artichokes; chard; cabbage; lettuce; fennel; carrots; onions; parsley; spinach,;zucchini; radishes and rocket (aragula). It is also the month to pick fruit and vegetables of the summer, such as watermelons, aubergines (courgettes), summer squashes, peppers, tomatoes, celery.

August and early September are ideal to clear the vegetable garden from residues of vegetation; to collect and conserve, if excess, the fruits of the garden; to eliminate plants that have finished the cycle from the ground.

If you are at your first experience with the vegetable garden, I suggest you keep a diary with the dates of sowing, the varieties used and the biological treatments carried out, so you know what to do next year.

Garden: what to do in August and September. September:

If you did not do it at the end of August, September is still the month dedicated to the sowing of radicchio, rocket, spinach, lettuce, parsley, radishes, carrots and turnips. In this part of the year, it is important to keep the soil fresh with moderate but frequent irrigations. The end of the summer is the period of maximum humidity, so it is good to irrigate the soil not in excess to prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

Garden: what to do in August and September: seasonal garden: 

Of course,  seasons in the world are all different. The Italian autumn/Fall is not that of the Scandinavian countries, for example. Therefore, these suggestions are intentionally generic. You should have to change everything according to the area in which you live.

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