Sicilian fig and grape salad

Sicilian fig and grape salad

Sicilian fig and grape salad is a ode to the new season.

Summer, and the beginning of autumn (Fall), are seasons full of many goodness. Boredom in the kitchen, in such rich months, is not allowed.

Figs are so sweet that they can replace a dessert. They are perfect even in salads. Rich in fiber and calcium, their sugars are natural and ideal for giving energy that can be spent immediately.

Similarly, Sicilian grapes are another fruit of great quality and sweetness. Rich in flavonoids, useful for limiting the formation of free radicals, the grape is suitable for those suffering from osteoporosis, thanks to the presence of an important mineral such as boron. Even more, Resveratrol helps to keep the heart and the skin healthy.

The presence of these precious fruits, the rocket (whose benefits I wrote in other recipes, available on the website), the whole roasted almonds and quality Parmigiano cheese (but, of course, you can replace with vegan cheese) make this fig and grape sicilian salad hearthy from a nutritional point of view.

Finally, the mint citronette (a few leaves to make the sauce delicate) are the touch of freshness for an ideal dish in summer.

Sicilian fig and grape salad: Ingredients

Serves 2

A bunch of rocket (aragula)

4 organic figs

15 berry grape

10 whole almonds, toasted, chopped

80 g (3 oz) Parmigiano, coarsely chopped

5 mint leaves

Pinch of sea salt

White pepper, to taste

4 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil

The juice of one lemon

 Sicilian fig and grape salad: Method

  1. Wash and dry the rocket. Cut the figs into wedges. Wash the grapes, remove the seeds and cut in two.
  2. In a bowl, combine vegetables and fruit. Add the Parmesan.
  3. Wash and dry the mint leaves. In a mortar, or in a food processor, blend the mint leaves with oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
  4. Pour the citronette on the salad and serve immediately. 

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