Apple Yogurt Farro cake

Apple yogurt Farro cake

Apple yogurt Farro cake is another delicious healthy treat, made with unrefined, organic and simple ingredients.

The apple cake is the comfort food cake par excellence, the ones that take us back in time when the grandmothers and mothers prepared this so greedy cake for breakfast, snacks or outings.

This version is made with organic white Farro flour, with a delicate and not very refined taste. Yogurt, with high mountain milk, gives softness and taste but the difference is made by the small, red, juicy apples from the countryside near Etna, the highest and most active volcano in Europe, located in the Eastern part of Sicily. This is one of my favourite recipe. You can also prepared it with Kamut flour.

The key, as always, are quality, unrefined ingredients.

Apple yogurt Farro cake: Ingredients

Serves 6

2 large organic free range eggs

80 g (3 oz) Muscovado sugar

Pinch of sea salt

150 g (5 oz) high quality natural yogurt

50 ml (5 fl oz) mild extra virgin olive oil

250 g (5 oz) white Farro flour, sifted

1 tbsp hazelnut toasted flour

1tsp organic baking powder

Pinch of ground cinamon

3 red apples

80 ml (3 fl oz) organic milk (if necessary)

Apple yogurt Farro cake: Method

  1. Whip the eggs with sugar and salt. Add the yogurt, the oil and mix until a creamy mixture is obtained.
  2. Add the flour, baking powder and cinnamon. If necessary, add milk. Add two apples cut into cubes and mix the dough.
  3. Pour into a pan, lined with parchment paper, cut the remaining sliced apples and place them on top of the cake. Bake at 180° (350°/Gas 4) for 40 minutes. 

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