Healthy with lemons

Lemons are among the most versatile and healthy citrus fruit. Used for sweet and savory recipes or as well-being juices, often associated with other citrus fruits, they possess so many properties that they are almost considered a natural drug.
The lemon contains large amounts of calcium, potassium, iron, vitamins of group B and A.

Its properties make it a natural bactericide; antiseptic; alkalizing; antirheumatic; gastric antacid; purification; antianemic and excellent even against insect bites.

Valuable for all the properties indicated (but they are only some), it is possible to benefit from its juice. Diluted with one or two tablespoons of water, the lemon becomes a real panacea. Rich in Vitamin C, it fights colds and helps control pressure.
Despite its acidic taste, the alkanes lemon fizzles our body, preventing the acidification of the tissues.

If diluted with hot water, lemon juice is also ideal for the lazy bowel and to cleanse the liver.

If taken in excess and for a prolonged period, the lemon can ruin the tooth enamel, precisely because it is rich in acidic substances.
Not suitable for those suffering from heartburn and ulcer.

Healthy with lemons is possible but always keeping in mind that, in life, excesses are to be avoided to enjoy the benefits of the fruits of nature.


Lightening face mask:

1 tbsp coconut sugar

1 tsp honey

the juice of one small lemon


Mix the ingredients to obtain a creamy consistency. Apply to the face, avoiding the eye contour.
Leave for ten minutes and rinse your face with warm water.

Lemon polishing mask for hairmask:

A glass of olive oil

The juice of one lemon

Mix the lemon juice with oil and act only on the lengths of the hair. Apply for about twenty minutes on dry hair and rinse with plenty of warm water and then with the shampoo.

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