Pears and chocolate jam

Pears and chocolate jam

Pears and chocolate jam is such a special combination.

Chocolate is an indispensable and greedy ingredient in many recipes. Have you ever tried it in jams? With pears, chocolate is a winner, not only in the preparation of cakes and desserts.

Dark chocolate and pears is a delight you have to try to make a creamy, delicious jam, perfect to spread on bread, freshly baked. The choice of chocolate is essential. It must be strictly dark, with a low percentage of sugars.

Dark chocolate 80% creates the right harmony with the sweetness of the pears (better if they are very ripe). Given the sweetness of pears I think this percentage of chocolate is perfect but you can dare with higher percentages if you prefer.

You will be satisfied with this recipe that brings together all the palates. You can also combine this pear and chocolate jam with some aged cheeses. 

Cinnamon enhances both ingredients and makes this recipe so delicious. You can replace the cinnamon with the vanilla, although the taste is not the same but the delicate flavor is still very pleasant.

Unrefined sugar is the best choice you can make and not just in this recipe. Coconut sugar has a delicate taste, a low glycemic index and is preferable to the stronger flavor of Muscobado sugar that can alter the delicacy of the flavor.

Pears and chocolate jam: Ingredients

400 g (14 oz) pears

200 g (7 oz) raw coconut sugar

1 tsp ground cinnamon

200 g (2 0z) dark chocolate 80%


Pears and chocolate jam: Method

  1. Peel the pears and cut into cubes. In a pot, pour the pears and coconut sugar. Cook until the mixture is quite creamy.
  2. When the fire is off, add the cinnamon and the chocolate. Stir until chocolate is dissolved. If necessary, blend the jam.
  3. Cool to room temperature before storing in the fridge. 
Pears and chocolate jam

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