Dark hot chocolate

Dark hot chocolate is a classic drink for my cold season.

I love to prepare this chocolate according to the traditional Aztecs recipe. At that time, hot chocolate was a drink, also known as the nectar of the gods. Originally, it was not an overly sweet and refined drink like the preparations we’re used to. It consisted simply of water and cocoa and was served on special occasions.

The ancient recipe keeps unchanged the benefits of cocoa. This benefits are such if hot chocolate is not sweetened with refined sugars and ingredients.

I made this with brown rice milk, a high percentage of dark Modica chocolate and  little coconut sugar. The excellent vanilla and a pinch of nutmeg, enhance the taste of a drink ideal for cold days.


Dark hot chocolate: Ingredients

Serves 2 drinks

250 ml (7 fl oz) brown rice milk-drink

1 plenty tsp vanilla “Bourbon” powder

1 tsp nutmeg

150 g (5 oz)  raw dark Modica chocolate (or dark chocolate 75 or 80%), grated

1 tbsp raw coconut sugar (optional)

Dark hot chocolate: Method

  1. Heat the brown rice milk with the vanilla and nutmeg, without boiling.
  2. Melt the grated chocolate and stir for 3 minutes after boiling.
  3. Serve hot, sweeten if desired, with a tablespoon of coconut sugar.

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