Radicchio and orange salad

Radicchio and orange salad

I love this colorful, juicy radicchio and orange salad.

Radicchio is one of the vegetables I love most. It grows in Northern Italy where there are very valuable varieties. Since it needs a cold climate it is not easy for me to cultivate it in my own garden. So, I have to buy it (naturally, organic) to enjoy its many benefits.

I have already written in other articles the many properties of radicchio. Here, I just remember that it is a powerful detoxifier. And it is precisely its slightly bitter taste that makes it perfect to cleanse the body from toxins.

Oranges are another precious ally to protect the body from cold and winter colds.

Sicilian blood oranges guarantee a sweetness that contrasts with the slightly bitter taste of the radicchio. Very rich in vitamin C and antioxidants this simple, crunchy recipes, so rich in taste, is also perfect as a snack for children.


Radicchio and orange salad: Ingredients

Serves 4

2 blood oranges

6 radicchio leaves

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

3 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil

Pinch of sea salt

White pepper, to taste


Radicchio and orange salad: Method

  1. Peel the oranges, removing the white skin and cut into wedges.
  2. Washed, dried and coarsely chopped the radicchio.
  3. Season with vinegar, oil, salt and pepper and serve immediately.
Radicchio and orange salad

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