Vegan cocoa oatmeal cookies

Vegan cocoa oatmeal cookies are a simple and fast recipe. They are perfect for a healthy breakfast or snack.  Crunchy outside and soft inside, these cookies are excellent freshly baked and well maintained for a couple of days.

The choice of flours is essential so that even delicious cookies can also be nutritious. Oat flour is rich in fibers and protein. Compared to white flours, it contains twice the fiber that help keep the glycemic index low.

If made with oatmeal flours, these biscuits are a healthy and tasty snack to consume for a slight break of sweetness.

Makes  about 10-15 cookies


80 g (3 oz) raw coconut sugar

50 ml (2 fl oz) organic mild extra virgin olive oil (or cold pressed sunflower oil)

50 g (2 oz) raw cocoa powder

Pinch of sea salt

150 ml (3 fl oz) vegan 70% dark chocolate cocoa, melted

100 g (3½ oz) cornflour-cornmeal

100 g (3½ oz) oatmeal flour

1 tsp organic baking powder

  1. Method:
  2. Preheat the oven to 180° (350°/Gas 4).
  3. In a bowl, beat the sugar with olive oil. Add the cocoa powder, salt, dark chocolate melted and mix.
  4. Add the flours, baking powder and mix with a spoon.
  5. Once the dough is compact, create a ball shape and, with a cookie cutter, create the desired shape.
  6. Put the cookies in a baking tray with baking paper. Cook for 15 minutes.

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