Red lentil pasta salad

Red lentil pasta salad is a nutritious dish, with all the benefits of a new type of pasta very popular for those who love a natural diet.

The pasta made with legumes is very versatile and ideal for those suffering from gluten intolerances, for those who love a natural cuisine, for those who do not have much time to cook legumes or for those who want to alternate and consume them in another way. The red lentil pasta is one of the most popular because it has an attractive color and also very simple to season. Perfect with the classic tomato sauce, it is ideal with pasta salads, which you can vary according to the season. In addition, it perfectly keeps the “al dente” cooking and is excellent to consume even cold.

A good extra virgin olive oil and Parmigiano (or vegan cheese) would be enough to have a rich nutritional and tasty dish.

My gluten free lentil pasta salad is prepared with vegetables from my garden, enriched with a pinch of chilli pepper. In this recipe, chili powder replaces the rich flavor of the anchovies with which broccoli are usually seasoned in Southern Italy.

Red lentil pasta salad: Ingredients

Serves 2

200 g (7 oz) red lentil pasta

6 broccoli florest, steamed

1 onion, chopped

half a teaspoon of chili pepper

3/4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Pinch of sea salt

Red lentil pasta salad: Method

  1. Cook the pasta al dente, in boiling salted water, according the instruction of the package.
  2. In a bowl, heat 3 tablespoons of oil, add the onion, broccoli and season. Add salt, pepper and mix.
  3. Add the pasta and mix until the ingredients are amalgamated. When the fire is off, add another tablespoon of oil. Serve lukewarm.
Gluten free lentil pasta salad

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